#Post-1 Pablo Baquedano

The first snack of my blog: Pablo Baquendano with a photo from a reportage of the northern region of France Les Ardennes. The in 1988 born in Toulouse photographer, has a fine eye for observing people. Les Ardennes is one of the poorer regions in France. And in his reportage he knows pretty well how to capture the rawness of that region.

In the photo we see a boy and a girl on a moped. I’m not sure if they’re a couple but it can be. The way how the girl holds the boy looks like she’s looking for some protection. She’s sitting a bit bended and with her face she’s hiding behind the shoulder of the boy.  She’s looking right in the camera, in contrast to the boy. It looks like he is looking a little bit above the lens. I think that they stopped for the photographer and that he asked them if he could take a photo. I guess that they would usually drive with their helmets on their face. The photographer must have been quite close to the subject, because I think it’s a wide angled lens that he used. Although they look both in the lens I get the the impression of actually two shy people. The masculinity of driving a moped is in contrast with how they pose for the camera, both bended and the boy not looking straight in the lens.

The background is a little bit blurry, but you can still see the details of the surrounding quite well. The sidewalk and the road don’t appear to be maintained very well. It’s all a little bit bumpy. And then we see those two young people, both looking tired and shy, I guess in a city that is not so vibrant anymore. A nice shot. They will drive away, to their destination. We don’t know what they will do. Maybe they will go to their work or they will go to their house and just chill. But this moment for me is very powerful. Not knowing where they go combined with the tired faces, the intens eye contact and a neighborhood in decline raises questions. It’s deep, poetic and raw.